Club Rules

1. Membership Applications will be accepted or rejected by the President or Secretary.

2. Members wishing to obtain Club Vehicle Registration must be a financial member for 6 months or it is available immediately for a fee of $210.00. This fee includes your membership of $60.00.

3. Any paperwork regarding membership or Club Registration can only be obtained from President/Secretary.

4. If Club Membership is terminated for any reason or a Member leaves the Club for any reason, then the Club Registration will be terminated by the Secretary by contacting the Department of Transport.

5. All Financial Members should try their best to display club stickers and wear club shirts to runs and events and act in a manner that best displays the club's image.

6. Any Financial Member caught acting in any manner detrimental to the club will have the incident recorded and may have their membership terminated for 3 months and if they wish to re-join it will cost $150.00.

7. Any persons attending club functions that are not Financial Member should pay a small fee (gold coin donation) if using any club funded items.

8. The Club's Facebook page is for Financial Members ONLY. When using this page please be considerate of others.

9. Club Membership must be paid within 1 week of being due, or give fair reason to why it cannot be paid or Membership will be forfeited.

10. All Club Rules can be changed, added to, or new rules made at anytime.

11. Any reports of street racing or honing at any event/runs, stickers will be removed and membership suspended at your expense.

Mel Macey

Secretary for True Street Car Club Inc.

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